Outdoor Marijuana Growing For Beginners

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outdoor marijuana growing for beginnersIn a previous article we asked the question, To Grow or Not to Grow?,” and since you are here, it looks like you’ve answered “YES!”

This article is for absolute beginners, those who have never really grown anything, not even vegetables or roses.  will take you through the basics of a one or two plant balcony or backyard container grow. From strain selection to curing we’ll guide you through an organic, outdoor grow. So get ready to plant a seed, do a bit of watering, and harvest some “fresh nugs” of your very own!

If you already have an outdoor vegetable garden or a green thumb, just plant in the Spring after your last frost, take care of your plants like tomatoes, and harvest in October. Growing marijuana is really not difficult. It’s called weed for a reason, it wants to grow. With a little planning and a little help from Mother Nature, newbie growers can grow the good stuff too.

Marijuana needs just three things to grow:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Food
  3. Water

The following pages will show you how to best use them.

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About the author 

Mitch Mandell

Mitch Mandell is the publisher of Senior Stoner, a partner in Z-Dog Media, and a long time cannabis enthusiast and cultivator. Prior to entering the world of publishing, he had a long career in advertising, working for some of the country's top agencies.

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