How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds: 4 Methods Plus Expert Tips


How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Method 3: Soak marijuana seeds in water overnight

Place seeds in a glass (or in this case shot glass) of plain warm water - How to germinate marijuana seedsAnother method to germinate marijuana seeds is to soak them overnight in slightly warm water, usually done in a glass drinking cup.

This method is especially effective for seeds which have extra hard shells, or seeds which are older (more than a few years old).

The warm overnight soaking can help “wake up” older seeds.

Most viable seeds will start out floating, and then eventually sink to the bottom of your glass after a few hours of soaking.

If soaked in a clear drinking glass, you will see when the little white tap root first breaks through the shell.

seeds-sprouted-roots-sm - How to germinate marijuana seedsSome seeds take longer than others to sprout. Especially older seeds, they tend to need longer to pierce through their shell. However, if seeds are left soaking too long, and haven’t yet sprouted, they can drown.

Therefore, do not leave seeds soaking in water for more than 24-32 hours.

After 24 hours, I recommend putting any still-ungerminated seeds in a warm, moist place to finish germinating.

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