How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds: 4 Methods Plus Expert Tips


How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Method 4: Paper plate method

This is old school and a very tried and true method. To germinate seeds, wet a paper towel and then fold your seeds in it, then leave the paper towel in a warm place.

There is also the possibility of having the towel dry out which will kill your new seeds so I recommend putting your paper towel under an upside down bowl or between two paper plates. Also, if you move the paper towel to the upper edge of the plate, leaving part of it near the center, you can put a bit of water in the center of the plate.  This allows moisture to wick up the paper towel leaving the seeds out of direct contact with the puddle.

paper-towel-method - How to germinate marijuana seedsIf you germinate marijuana seeds in a paper towel,be very careful when moving them to your grow medium.  There is the risk of hurting the tap root (the little white root that grows out of your seeds) when moving the sprouted seeds so make sure you are careful when you’re checking to see if the seeds sprouted.

Check on germinating seeds once every 12 hours or so (make sure not to disturb them or their roots) and plant any seeds which have sprouted right away.

That’s it, we’ve just sprouted. It’s really not hard to grow marijuana.  Just plant a seed, water it and watch it grow.  In our next article, we’ll show you how to move your seedling to it’s final home.

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