How to Transplant Marijuana Seedlings

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This article from Grow Weed Easy is Part II in a series, click for Part I: How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds: 4 Methods Plus Expert Tips.

How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings

As your little seed moves through its early stages of life, it will need some special care and handling.  And depending on whether you’re growing indoors or out, soil or hydroponics, you’ll need different techniques.

How to Transplant Marijuana SeedlingsAlways keep one thing in mind, marijuana seedlings are babies and are likewise delicate. Young seedlings are not ready for direct sunlight, full-strength grow lights, or nutrients. They need to have a moist environment, but not so much so that they sit in mud or are drowning.

If you’re planting in soil, start with a balanced potting soil that doesn’t contain extra nutrients. I recommend Happy Frog potting soil mix for young cannabis seedlings, but any plain potting mix from your local garden store will do. Never use Miracle-Gro soil or any soil that has “time-released” nutrients already mixed in.  

Your seedlings have a couple of leaves and maybe even some roots out the bottom of planting cube you used.  Fill your pot with the soil and pack down.  Then dig out a hole the size of your cube.   Place the cube with the seedling in the hole and pack soil around it.  Water and place into it’s growing environment, making sure the light is not too intense or direct.  You can use a small 3 gallon here, or plant it into it’s final large pot.

Some like to do less transplants and plant seedlings into their final container. But this can cause issues if you’re not careful.  More on this in the what size pot should I use section.

Others, due to space, time or other considerations will plant seedlings into interim pots first.  If you’re using a good quality soil, extra nutrients or fertilizers are not needed for several weeks.

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