How to Transplant Marijuana Seedlings


What to Look for in Healthy Marijuana Seedlings

Once marijuana seedlings are about fourteen days old, they’re ready be treated as if they’re in the vegetative stage.

The following pictures are the early stages of healthy plants grown hydroponically.

Two round cotyledon leaves, then two “real” (serrated) single-finger cannabis leaves.

A cannabis seedling growing its first few sets of leaves

Next, the single-finger leaves expand, and the next set is usually 3-finger leaves

Seedling on one side showing single-finger leaves, and left side shows the next set with 3 fingers per leaf

Next, the cannabis plant will start making 5-finger leaves

Young cannabis plant with 5-finger leaves

Finally, most cannabis plants stop at 7-finger leaves

Cannabis plant showing 7-finger leaves, and even a few 9-finger leaves

Make sure you learn about plant training techniques to make the most of your time in the vegetative stage!

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