The Best Times for Getting High!

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getting highSenior Stoner Tom Huth, author of Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance, discusses his favorite times of day for getting high!

What’s your favorite high of the day?

Your wake-and-bake? Your soak-and-toke? Your heading-to-work buzz? Your getting-home balm? Your before-dinner lift? Your sleepytime drift?  I invite you to share and to celebrate: What is your choicest time to elevate your state of awareness?  In other words, when is the best time for getting high?

Here are my own Top Three tee times:

  • It’s hard to beat the first altered adventure of the day. A walk, for example–the sun still low in the sky, the puzzle-pieces of shadow and light dancing across the sidewalk, the morning glowing with promise, untarnished by doubt. I feel a glad-to-be-aliveness, a gratitude, in my step. I admire an ancient oak tree, battered yet sturdy, and pretend that we‘re brothers-in-arms.
  • Then there’s the high of first sitting down to work at my desk. When I write something stoned, the words that come out of my fingertips feel fresh from the oven. They dance–or at least I see that I can teach them to dance. They invite me to join in the suspense of arranging them across the stage in just the right order. I’m down on the screen with them, shuffling them around, bringing in new darlings for tryouts, marrying some and divorcing others: beseeching them to sing together in harmony.
  • But my highest high often comes from a little ritual I observe several evenings a week. It involves going alone to some friendly (but not too friendly) bar, and selecting a stool where I have lots of elbow room, and unfolding a few pages of whatever I’m writing, then going out to the parking lot to consult with a small wooden pocket pipe. I come back inside and take a sip of wine, which only magnifies the lyrical sense of disorientation. Now, when I pick up those pages of writing, I look at the words with new eyes, as if I’ve never seen them before.

When to get highTom Huth is the author of Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance by Heliotrope Books.



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