Marijuana for the Holidays: How Cannabis Can Enhance Whatever You Celebrate

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Let's talk about marijuana for the holidays!

The end-of-the-year holiday season is once again about to commence. For many it is a spiritual time of year.  For others it is a time to cut loose.

No matter what your reason for celebrating any of the holidays, cannabis will put the special into your celebrations. After all cannabis benefits you in so many different ways, it should be a no-brainer that marijuana for the holidays will only make them that much better.

Whether it’s the winter solstice or Christmas you are celebrating, decorating a tree is a festive part of the holiday season. Instead of buying a tree, which is not very environmentally friendly, decorate a living cannabis bush.

The cannabis plant is always a sight to behold. Imagine how elegant it would look with lights, ornaments and other knick knacks strung through its branches. You would probably get extra points in any decorating contest you entered.

Marijuana for the Holidays: Gifts for the Special Stoners in Your Life

Marijuana for the Holidays!

The exchange of gifts accompanies almost every one of these seasonal celebrations. Buying a gift for a cannabis consumer is soooooooooooo easy.

A present of a high-quality strain of cannabis is always appreciated. Whether it’s an ounce (really appreciated) or just a single lovingly rolled joint, you know it will get used.  Probably moments after your most welcome gift is opened with you sharing in the enjoyment of your own present.

Delectable edibles also make wonderful gifts. Available as candies, cookies, cakes, pies and in so many other delicious forms, they are the perfect present for those cannabis consumers who enjoy edibles.

Especially welcome would be homemade baked goods made with homegrown cannabis. Talk about down-to-earth real Americana!

Of course, depending on where you live, gifting someone with actual cannabis could come with serious legal consequences, so check out the law and gift accordingly and with caution.

Cannabis-related accessories always make wonderful presents.

One of the most practical is a vaporizer. Although cannabis consumers know about the benefits of vaporizers, most do not have one. If they already have one, you might want to give one of the portable vaporizers which do not require plug-in electricity. Either way, your friends will reflect on your generosity every time they use the vaporizer.

Cannabis has always been depicted in art and there are many fine paintings, photographs and sculptures available to be given as a very personal gift.

Then there’s the virtual cornucopia of books covering a myriad of topics including cultivation, cooking, history, art, politics and science. There’s no better present than the gift of knowledge.

Marijuana for the Holidays: Mary Jane at the Holiday Party

Any excuse for a party is maxim dear to the hearts of many and the end-of-year holiday season is one non-stop excuse.

Unfortunately, at many of these parties alcohol is consumed causing bruised feelings, damaged cars, and ruined lives.

Using cannabis as a social facilitator and a mood enhancer is far more effective with hardly any negative consequences, either social or physical.

Marijuana for the Holidays: Year End Donations

The year-end holiday season is also a time of bestowing gifts on organizations and causes that are important in your life and to the community in which you live.

A year-end gift to a local or national medical marijuana or law reform organization would be most welcome and effective.

Let’s make a year-end gift to a marijuana organization a tradition, like lighting up at 4:20 with every marijuana consumer sending at least $4.20 to one or more marijuana organizations.

If you don’t know which ones to donate too, give me a call at (760) 799-2055 or send me an email at and I will personally aid you in selecting a worthwhile organization.

About the author 

Lanny Swerdlow

Lanny Swerdlow, RN is host of the Internet radio show Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense and founder of the Marijuana Anti Prohibition Project and the Brownie Mary Democratic Club. Contact him at

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