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Food snobs rejoice!  Finally there is a cannabis cookbook that will take your medicated foods to a level that would rival any fine dining restaurant.  The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook (2015, Skyhorse Publishing) is a collaborative effort of 12 classically trained chefs and professional edibles makers, one ethnobotanist, one mixologist, and food stylist/photographer Povy Kendal Atchison.  

Editor Robyn Griggs Lawrence does an outstanding job of bringing it all together in a beautifully produced hardcover book that is filled with clear instructions and colorful photographs that will make your mouth water.

Those who enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen are going to love the recipes, but to be sure, this fancy food is not for everyone.  If cooking is a chore rather than a passion, you will likely find a lot (not all) of the recipes too much to fuss with.  

Which is not to say the recipes aren't good, they're great, but they're definitely more gourmet and chef centric than most cannabis cookbooks.

But even if you never make any of its recipes, this book is still well worth adding to your library.  

Why?  Because the instructional chapters that cover cannabis plant basics, general cannabis cooking, and making cannabis infusions are the best and most comprehensive available.

 There's even a buying guide to help you cook with the best strains for your needs and a discussion of terpenes and flavor matching for those who want to take cannabis cooking to the level of haute cuisine.

Especially helpful is the extensive dosing information that will help home cooks approximate the per serving THC and CBD dosage of their finished recipes. 

My favorite thing of all about the book is the wide variety of infusions and methods used to medicate the equally eclectic array of recipes. The Cannabis Kitchen’s chapter on infusions offers instructions for ten different infused butters and oils, three alcohol infusions/tinctures, along with recipes for infused honey, agave, simple syrup, milk, and cream.

With the cannabis culinary cooking essentials learned in the instructional chapters of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, capable cooks will soon be creating their own gustatory medicated masterpieces.  And for those times when creative inspiration is lacking, there are lots of mouth watering recipes from some of the marijuana world's top chefs here too.

Highly Recommended!

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