Seniors and Marijuana: Why Senior Stoners Are Lighting Up!

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When it comes to seniors and marijuana, the younger generation aren’t the only ones lighting up these days.  Studies show that the 55+ crowd is the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users nationwide and many baby boomers are becoming senior stoners.  In fact, over the past year we’ve seen an addition of over 3 million new cannabis using seniors.  Most are turning to marijuana as an alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals, stating they prefer the more natural substance with fewer side effects.

We know the topic of seniors and marijuana is reaching critical mass when a mainstream media show like CBS This Morning starts covering the phenomena!

Seniors and Marijuana: CBS This Morning, May 19, 2016

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Mitch Mandell

Mitch Mandell is the publisher of Senior Stoner, a partner in Z-Dog Media, and a long time cannabis enthusiast and cultivator. Prior to entering the world of publishing, he had a long career in advertising, working for some of the country's top agencies.

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