Cannabis Product Reviews: CBD, New Way to Smoke, Best Vape Pen, More!

Cannabis Product Reviews: Bloom Farm, Bhang CBD Breath Spray, Genius Pipe, marijuana coasters

Cannabis Product Review Round-Up

Go shopping with Senior Stoner as we share some of our favorite Marijuana Products.  In this eclectic marijuana shopping experience we'll look at our favorite new vape pen by Bloom Farms, a nifty set of silicon marijuana coasters by Gama Hi-Times Coasters, Bhang's CBD-breath spray, and the Genius Pipe -- an innovative new way to enjoy smoking marijuana.

Bloom Farms Highligher Co2 Cannabis Oil Vape Pen - Indica

One of our favorite vape pens, we we especially like this one when winding down at night and just before bedtime.  Using marijuana for insomnia is one of the most common ways people benefit from this plant.  Bloom Farms delivers pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil in an easy to use disposable vape pen.  About the size of a cigarette, all you need to do is inhale the vapor that lab tests at 56.2% THC (0% CBD).  Each portable cannabis oil vaporizer lasts for 100 hits or more and with no smoke, no ash, and no mess.  There is no easier way to inhale marijuana.  On a side note, we tried this pen right on heels of judging vape pens for the High Times Cannabis Cup.  Bloom Farms was not part of that competition, but their vape pen was sampled alongside those who were and it stood out to us for its exceptional quality.  Learn more about the Bloom Farms Co2 Cannabis Oil Vape Pen.

Gama Hi-Times Silicon Marijuana Coasters

We found this fun set of silicon coasters, perfect for drinks or to use as dab mats to keep things clean when dabbing (stay tuned for a dab feature soons if you don't know what that is).  They do the job, look colorful on a table and spark conversation, and are easy to clean.  What's not to like?  These are available at various shops and locations around the web. We bought our set from Orange County NORML.

Bhang CBD Breath Spray

The most convenient and discreet way to ingest cannabis ever!  Just spray like you would any other breath spray.  Bhang also makes a THC version of this minty breath spray, but we like to keep CBD variety on hand, just in case anyone gets too strong a dose of edibles.  CBD counteracts the effects of THC.  Senior Stoner editor Cheri Sicard put this to the test when writing a recent article for High Times about potent edibles, and it works!  A couple of squirts of Bhang's CBD breath spray and her uncomfortable potent high immediately mellowed out. Learn more about the CBD breath spray and other Bhang products here.


Genius Pipe

One might think that at this point in history there would be nothing more to be said or done to improve the simple pipe, but the folks at Genius Pipe prove that notion wrong.  The photo on the right shows an assembled Genius Pipe at the top, the 3 photos on the bottom show it taken apart.  As all is magnetic, the metal pieces of the Genius Pipe assemble together in a second.  As convenient as this is, it is also the one potential downside of this pipe -- if you keep it too close to your credit cards it can de-magnetize them, so be aware and don't store the Genius Pipe near your wallet.

Once assembled you have thin, flat "pipe" that can is easy to carry in a pocket or purse.  Everything stays neat and clean. The sliding cover allows you to preload the bowl and take it with you, just pull back and light through the small cut-out in the lid.  After smoking, slide the lid back and everything can go back in your pocket with no mess.  Best of all, it stays cool! The genius part of the Genius Pipe is in its dimpled interior design that resembles the texture of a golf ball.  These tiny indentations cool the smoke before it gets to you, to produce a smooth marijuana smoking experience.  Cleaning the pipe is easy too.  The Genius Pipe comes apart in a second.  Just wipe the pieces with 90% alcohol, and you are done! Learn more and see the Genius Pipe in action at their website.

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